The following business units we are supporting:


Project management

Management, risk analysis and controlling of development projects in aviation and aerospace engineering

Because of its iterative nature, development projects in the aerospace engineering industry are subject to frequent modifications and adjustments. The more it is important to the investor and likewise to the development organization to picture the real project development on its synthetic counterpart, the project plan. That’s the only way to estimate effects on the critical path with dependent predecessors and successors in the ramified project structure and finally safe dependent project costs.

In this business unit we offer the following commercial services:

  • Creation of project plan (subproject or entire project plan), progress checks and necessary project plan adjustment
  • Execution of project controlling with regard to milestone accomplishment versus payment schedule of the development organization and its investor
  • Risk analysis of development projects with identification of critical milestones
  • Support of design and certification procedures, creation of MOC-lists, flight and ground test programs and technical consulting
  • Support of aircraft accident investigation according to ICAO Annex 13
  • Support of technical sales and marketing departments


Flight operation

Flight operation and flight operation management at airline operators (AOC) in a specialized range of applications

At airline operators (AOC) mainly the organization and planning of the flight operation is very labor- and time-intensive. Often the company internal resources are exhausted especially with the introduction of new aircraft fleet, new legal provision and regulatory work and/or the preparation and review of external audits. In order to promptly deal with all the high requirements of aviation authorities, associations and other institutions, it is reasonable to integrate external resources in the respective course of action.

In this business unit we offer the following commercial services:

  • Consulting and organization of airline operators according „EASA Air Operations“ – „Commercial Air Transport (CAT)“, „Non-Commercial operations with Complex motor powered aircraft (NCC)” and “Specialized Operations (SPO)”, creation of operation manual (OM A-D) and corresponding documentation
  • Consulting and organization of continues airworthiness management organizations (CAMO) at airline operators, creation of operation manual (CAME and OM B-MEL)
  • Consulting and organization of quality management systems (QMS) and safety management systems (SMS), creation of operation manual (QMH and SMH) and corresponding documentation
  • Consulting, optimization and control of aviation procedures within airline operators
  • Consulting, optimization and control of maintenance procedures within airline operators
  • Consulting, planning and preparation of auditing, execution of auditing at non-complex operators, creation of the yearly audit program, support in case of problem solving


Aviation & Aerospace staff

Aviation & aerospace staff for flight test, flight operation, flight and ground training, airworthiness inspection and scientific expert reports

Because of the long-term intensive education with an increasing focus on specialization and the huge required professional experience, the certified aviation and aerospace staff is above all a cost intensive asset for the companies. Not every business feels able to durably hold out an adequate number of these highly specialized employees and using an expensive personal-leasing company is only an inadequate compromise. MK Aerospace Service GmbH & Co.KG is not a staff recruiting enterprise; our employees rather deliver the highly specialized engineering or aviation service directly to the client and therefore cost effective.

In this business unit we offer the following commercial services:

  • Operation of utility aircraft in the area of „Specialized Operations“ (airborne sensing, target simulation, ISR-intelligence/surveillance/reconnaissance etc.) with experienced flight test pilots and flight test engineers as well as with skillful mission pilots, instructors and trainers
  • Planning and execution of Europe-wide ferry flights, with preference to positioning flights of fixed wing aircraft up to 12,500 lb.
  • Instruction, teaching and training in approved training organizations (ATO) and approved aircraft operators (AOC acc. ORO.FC) with qualified flight and ground instructors
  • Planning and execution of airworthiness review inspections (ARC),  release to service inspections (RTS), prototype and conformity inspections on aircraft and other aviation equipment (e.g. emergency parachutes) with certified inspection, maintenance and repair engineers
  • Creation, review and rewrite of aviation technical literature, technical expert reports and other dedicated publications


Flight performance modeling

Flight performance modeling, survey and verification on real flight trajectories of civil and military aircrafts

In order to improve operational and economical processes in the complex world of aviation and air traffic, the knowledge of the physical properties of each stakeholder is an absolute prerequisite. Either this initiative is based on efforts of the aircraft operator (Airline) or the air traffic control; a high precision aircraft performance model (APM) is the basis of all effective optimization routines. Out of this demand Dr. Michael Kaiser developed the algorithms and code of the „Enhanced Jet Performance Model (EJPM)“, formulated as a doctoral dissertation thesis at the Technische Universität Dresden (2014).

In parallel to the EJPM, which concentrates in preference to commercial civil airplanes with jet engine, the company operates since 2008 the „UAS Trajectory Prediction Model (UTPM)“ and the „Military Low Level Trajectory Prediction – Model (MiLLTrax-P)“ for dedicated simulations on manned and unmanned military and para-military mission aircraft.

In this business unit we offer the following commercial services:

  • General flight performance analysis and benchmarking on the base of FODA- or FDR-data of propeller- and jet driven airplanes, calculation of correction factors / performance deviation factors (PDA) and optimized operation parameters (cost index, CI), creation of performance booklets, tables and diagrams
  • Motion simulation along defined manoeuver trajectories of propeller- and jet driven airplanes, optimization of manoeuver trajectories according varying objective values (mission strategy, mission tactic, payload requirements, fuel policies and planning)
  • Trajectory analysis and optimization of air traffic procedures / procedures air navigation (SID, ENR, STAR, APP etc.) and its regulating systems on the base of FANOMOS and weather data with regard to key performance indicators (KPI) like fuel consumption, pollution, noise emission, airspace / sector capacity and on-time performance etc. it etc.